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Best Viewing Requirements

The Troop 62 web site was designed for and is best viewed with Internet Explorer. However, every effort has been made to support the following browsers:

bullet For users of Microsoft Windows:
bullet Internet Explorer 5/6 (IE5/IE6) or
bullet Netscape 6/7 (NS6/NS7) or
bullet Firefox 1.0 (FF1)
bullet For Mac users: Safari 1.0 or Firefox 1.0 (FF1)
bullet JavaScript: enabled
bullet Cookies: enabled -- read how Troop 62 protects your privacy

Recommended browsers:
As of September 2005, the Troop 62 web site no longer supports the Netscape 4 browser. To take full advantage of the web site, you are encouraged to upgrade to and begin using more recent browsers such as Internet Explorer 6, Netscape 7 or Firefox 1 (all available for free, see How to Download). To see which version of the browser you currently have, click Help -- About in your browser. (Users of slower computers, especially those below 500 MHz, should consider avoiding Netscape 7 due to its slow speed; Internet Explorer 6 is recommended for this case.)

How to download:
To download IE6, NS7 or Firefox onto your computer, click one of the links below and follow the installation instructions:

bullet IE:
bullet NS:
bullet Firefox:

Why we have ended support for Netscape 4 (NS4):
Beyond our Troop 62 borders, many web sites around the United States and the world are ending support for NS4 (whose share of the web browser market has dropped below 1%), in favor of the new HTML standards achieved in the more recent browsers. Thus, users of NS4 have an increasingly hard time accessing web sites because many web pages are unreadable in NS4.

The decision to end support for NS4 browsers was made based on statistical trends in browser usage (for a detailed explanation please see Browser News ). In summary, a combined 84% of web site visitors use IE-based browsers and 10% use Gecko-based browsers. Less than % use NS4. An increasing number of visitors use NS6 or later. This provides the justification to end support for NS4.

The Troop 62 web pages will continue to be viewable in NS4, but will not be as useful when viewed in this outdated browser. Over time, an increasing number of features will be added to the web site that will not be useable in NS4. To take full advantage of the web site, you are encouraged to upgrade.

Important Privacy Note:  If you have any questions about our privacy practices, please use our contact form.

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