Updated: Sunday, October 29, 2017

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Troop 62 Eagle Honor RollBSA eagle II.gif (6952 bytes)

"Until you spread your wings, you'll have no idea how far you can fly."

Eagle Scout Date Eagle Project Palms
DATE : 3rd FEBRUARY 2006
James Jones Oct 12 2017    
Luke Olshefsky Mar 15 2017 Built a 8x4 foot raised garden bed box and secured a donation of soil to fill the box. The raised garden bed is used to grow food for people served by La Comunidad Hispana, located in Kennett Square, PA. The raised garden bed box helps community members have healthy foods and is part of a Chester County project to increase community gardens.  
Austin Nichol Aug 22 2016    
Nathan Fowler May 26 2016 Built a 60 ft long by 4 ft wide concrete sidewalk around the corner of the Kemblesville United Methodist Church to allow access to the back door of the church from an overflow parking lot. Also built a railing along part of the sidewalk.  
Chris Fowler May 26 2016 Designed and built wooden storage shelves for The West Grove Garage, a community youth center, so that they could store and organize arts and crafts supplies which were previously stored in a very disorganized manner. I also installed several bathroom cabinets to store cleaning supplies for the bathrooms.  
Dominic Campese May 25 2016    
Josh Mummert May 25 2016    
Thomas Strange Dec 30 2015 Built  four benches for the YMCA indoor pool deck, a picnic table for seating outside and two in ground baseball benches.  
Cole Hanrahan Apr 29 2015 Designed and constructed two free standing goat feeders for the Juniper Hill Farm which provides independent living for adults on the autism spectrum.  
Nicholas Kuhn Nov 6 2014 Built an observation patio at New Garden Airport. The patio benefits the community as a scenic place to sit and watch the airport activity.  
Lathie Nichol Oct 15 2014 Oversaw the construction of a 20 foot long foot bridge over a small stream on the new trail in The White Clay Creek Preserve. The site was about a mile trek through the woods on a roughed in trail.  
Jason Lyons Jun 25 2014 Refurbished the fourteen stations of the Way of the Cross. This project was for the community of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary parish, and was done on church property. The project also consisted of weeding the gravel path where the stations were located.  
Ryan Edelson Feb 18 2014 Built a Goat Playground at the Juniper Hill Farms, an autistic adult living community. The farm houses about 20 goats. The project established a three level 50’ long series of ramps and platforms for the goats to climb and play. Built completely from wood, three large wood posts secured in cement foundations secure three platforms at different levels with wood ramps connecting them.  
Peyton MacNeill Feb 18 2014 Built a 25'x14' wood framed building which involved repairing existing foundation wood stud framing with board and baton siding, and a clear corrugated poly carbonate roof. One end was used to store firewood, the middle with a work top, and the other end had a storage room with shelving. The work was preformed at the Juniper Hill Farms, an autistic living community.  
Logan Jirak Aug 21 2013 Beautified the front entrance to the New London Township Building, landscaping two beds with bushes on either side of the door to enter and laid a concrete slab for a colonial style bench. At the ends of the building where the gutters drain a drainage area was added, complete with white marble rocks.  
Jarod Klinger Nov 13 2012 Built three batting platforms for the Avon Grove Area Little League at the League’s complex. These platforms were each six foot by eight foot in dimension and were covered with Astroturf style carpeting. Refurbished the four pitching warm-up stations, replacing the roping that was used as an outer fencing around the stations.  Reformed and shaped up the pitching mounds for each station.  
Richard Gardner Nov 13 2012 Created a 2 mile long trail with over 30 4x4 markers and a 12-foot long bridge for Franklin Township.  
Stephen Buchanan Aug 22 2012 Built an outdoor classroom for Holy Ascension Orthodox Church, consisting of a 700 sq ft mulched area with two picnic tables and a bench. Spearheaded a fundraiser to purchase supplies and led a team of 14 volunteers working over 188 man-hours to remove sod, mulch the area, and make the tables and benches.  
Billy Nichol Feb 28 2012 Built run-in shed for the horses at a local charity organization called Reins of Life. Used reclaimed lumber as well as new lumber to provide the horses with a safe, protective place to stay in the event of bad weather.  
James Lyons Jun 15 2011 Built two sorting tables and four benches for the Divine Sent Food Cupboard, a volunteer group from the Oxford Church of God. The sorting tables help the volunteers to assemble their home grown vegetables and dry/canned food donations. The tables were designed to be tall enough for the volunteers to stand and sort, but also low enough so they could sit on the benches and sort.  
Connor Firor Jun 15 2011 Built 12 birdhouses: 3 for Downy Woodpeckers, 3 for Eastern Bluebirds, 3 for House Finches, and 3 for American Robins. These birdhouses were placed in the south area of the Mason Dixon Greenway in London Britain Township. This project provides habitats for native birds.  
Harrison Stanley Apr 20 2011 Built four mobile podiums for the Assumption Blessed Virgin Mary School in West Grove, Pa. These mobile podiums will make it easier for the teachers to teach the class and keep books, papers and folders of theirs organized.  
Michael Marino Jan 31 2011 Built 12 bird houses for the Franklin Township Park, including houses for Blue Birds, Blue Jays, Purple Martins, and one owl box. The houses were mounted on 4x4 posts at various points in the field and the owl box was hung from a large tree limb by a stainless steel cable.  
Chris Koetas Nov 3 2010 Stabilized a porch on a historic house on the White Clay Creek Preserve. The project consisted of demolition, pouring a foundation, creating a perimeter for the porch with stones, and assembling the porch deck, and stairs.  
Andrew Lowe Nov 3 2010 Upgraded the playground at Cornerstone PCA & Landenberg Christian Academy. Planted shade trees, installed two permanent benches, installed split rail fencing, and completed landscaping around the benches and along the fence line to improve the safety and enjoyment of the playground.  
Eddie Aaronson Jun 10 2009 Designed and built a new sukkah for Temple Beth El in Newark, DE. This permanent structure is used during the holiday of Sukkot.  
Michael MacNeill Mar 18 2009 Painted a classroom, installed cubbies and built a sand box with storage and lids for the West Grove Area Daycare.  
Caleb Meredith Nov 19 2008 Built five bullpens at Avon Grove’s Little League complex, each with a home plate, a pitcher’s mound and a backstop behind home plate. On four of the bullpens, a fence had to be built along one side for safety while it was in use.  
Jon Crowder Dec 6 2007 Developed a 385 foot long, 3 foot wide handicap accessible trail at Iron Hill Museum in Newark, DE. Six wood benches were constructed and installed along the trail. Heavy plant overgrowth was also cleared away to allow for unobstructive viewing of iron ore deposits.  
Alan Nichol Dec 6 2007 Designed and built three handicap-accessible picnic areas, each with a concrete slab and a handicap accessible picnic table, in Nichol Park. The areas were built to satisfy the needs of wheelchair or scooter bound persons and allow them to enjoy picnics comfortably off the walkways of the park.  
Scott Rickard Sep 4 2007 Designed and built 180 feet of fence around the Unitarian Universalist Society of Mill Creek to allow them to have a safe environment for a playground that will be used for their youth classes.  
Brian Wolff Sep 4 2007 Remarked 3 existing walking trails, made a new trail, and built benches and planted signs along the trails at the Avon Grove High School.  
Dallas McClain Aug 28 2007 Landscaping work for West Grove United Methodist Church, as well as repair of stairs leading to Harmony Park. The landscaping is designed to improve the runoff, as well as the public outlook of the church.  

John Lamplugh

Apr 4 2007 Built a riparian buffer along the headwaters of the White Clay Creek to stop chemicals and erosion from entering the streams by planting just under a 1000 trees.  
Dylan Kee Feb 20 2007 Worked with the Nature Conservancy in Pennsylvania to construct bat houses to accommodate 80 bats and barn owl nesting boxes to accommodate a nest pair and their young. Installed one of each type of shelter in a barn in Ephrata, PA where bats and barn owls are being protected.  

Jeff Aldrich

Feb 20 2007 Reconstructed a 14 foot section of an old stone wall surrounding a Revolutionary War cemetery. The section of wall had a large tree that grew through it which had to be removed and accurately rebuilt the section of wall to match the existing portion.  
Evan Marble Dec 14 2006 Built and set up Kestrel nesting boxes in the White Clay Creek Preserve. Also cleared a trail that would lead to the Arc Corner Monument. The Kestrel nesting boxes was an idea modeled after Hawk Mt. in PA.  

Tyler Foster

Jul 5 2006 Renovated a storage room at the Lighthouse Youth Center into a weight room. Insulated walls were constructed so that the room can be used year round and the heating/cooling cost will be reduced.  

Adam Stoltzfus

Mar 27 2006

Erected two footbridges and cleared brush at the Avon Grove Intermediate School nature trail. Students now have better access to observe wildlife.


Jason Kuklinski

Mar 16 2006

Built a 250 ft fence for London Britain Township. The fence provides security for the township's equipment and visual relief for the neighbors.


Kevin Kershaw

Jan 31 2006

Built four wheelchair-accessible planters for the Ware Presbyterian Village retirement community.  The planters are used by many residents to enjoy the hobby of  gardening.


Greg Smith

Nov 29 2005

Planned and executed a wrestling tournament for about 170 participants, many of them new to the sport. This event raised awareness of the benefits of the sport.


Tyler Phillips

Sep 10 2005

Enlarged and improved the playground at the Newark Christian Fellowship in Landenberg, PA. This resulted in improved safety and increased capacity for the children.


Michael Allen

Apr 26 2005

Cleared a wooded area behind Avon Grove Intermediate School for an outdoor classroom. The project also included building a teacher’s observation table and six benches for seating for the children and built several birdhouses and hung them in the trees.


Bryce Kershaw

Nov 30 2004

Erected a 40-foot long bridge from Kemblesville United Methodist Church to an adjacent parking lot. Church members now have convenient and safe access to additional parking when the main lot is full.


Matt Murphy

Aug 19 2004

Erected and landscaped a privacy fence around portable restrooms. This project beautified Nichol Park in London Britain Township.


Wyatt Schroeder

Apr 14 2004

Erected a 740-foot split rail fence surrounding an open field in the White Clay Creek Preserve at the intersection of Good Hope Road and London Tract Road. 


Jake Coller

Feb 11 2004

Designed and constructed a 250-ft fence to improve the safety and enjoyment of a playing field adjacent to his church.


Benjamin Crowder

Jan 29 2004

Established a portion of the Mason Dixon Greenway Trail from Flint Hill to the Fair Hill Nature Preserve.


Tait Militana

Jan 29 2004

Designed and constructed a garden area, including four raised planters, for the enjoyment of visitors to Crossan Park in Franklin Township.


Gregory Lucas

May 15 2003

Designed and constructed a six station fitness course at Nichol Park on route 896, London Britain township.


Tom Ingersoll

May 15 2003

Power washed head stones, leveled headstones and leveled sinking ground at the New London Presbyterian Church cemetery.


David Allen

Nov 14 2002

Designed, planted and installed landscaping between upper and lower parking lots at West Grove Presbyterian Church.


Joshua Prager

Apr 10 2002

Designed, obtained zoning approval and built deck walkway and ramp at Temple Beth El in Newark, DE.


Marc Gutierrez

Mar 27 2002

Built new replicas of antique benches and landscaped walkway for White Clay Creek Preserve visitor center.


Nathan Krause

Feb 7 2002

Built stairs and pathway from West Grove United Methodist Church parking lot to the borough park.


Matthew Vinciguerra

Dec 20 2001

Rebuilt the Fitness Course at Avon Grove High School including new lumber, new signs and painting.


Quintin D. Schroeder

Jan 31 2001

Designed and built a 520’ split rail fence separating the parking lot from London Tract Road in the White Clay Creek Preserve.


Thomas N. Krause

Jun 14 2000

Designed and constructed sidewalk and steps from upper parking lot to the church level for the West Grove Presbyterian Church.


Dwight K. Hutchenson

Dec 1 1999

Designed and build two new playgrounds complete with play equipment at The Church in the Vineyard.


Lee C. Hiles

Dec 1 1999

Designed and constructed 35' foot bridge over creek and access trail at Crossan Park in Franklin Township.


Mathew A. Miller

Aug 1 1999

Painted playground macadam with children's recess games and built sand boxes at Penn London Elementary School.


Adam W. Schreiber

Apr 8 1999

Designed and constructed 1/4 mile mulch covered trail at Crossan Park in Franklin Township.


Zachary G. Schroeder

Jun 15 1998

Designed and constructed cantilever observation deck over sensitive wetland in White Clay Creek Preserve.


Aaron L. Smith

Mar 31 1998

Archeology project to reveal the original mill pond and mill race from the Sharpless Road Grist Mill (circa. 1880) located in the White Clay Creek Preserve.


Delbert F. Coller

Nov 20 1997

Built screening fence around the perimeter of the London Britain Township building property.


A. Gene Smith

Mar 7 1994

Constructed in-stream structures to contain erosion and create fish habitat on the middle branch of the White Clay Creek.

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