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Updated: Tuesday, January 02, 2018

Join Troop 62! 

Information for Parents of Webelos 
Joining Boy Scouts 2018

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          Thanks for visiting Troop 62.  As you will see we are an energetic and enthusiastic group of Scouts.  We invite your son to join Troop 62 and discover the excitement of Scouting with us.  Webelos will cross-over into Troop 62 in April 2018 during an evening campfire ceremony at Camp Horseshoe.

Our Scouting Philosophy

     The aims of Scouting are to build character, foster citizenship, develop fitness, and develop leadership in your son.  At Troop 62 we accomplish these goals by teaching the Scout Oath and Law, using the Patrol method, having an active outdoor program, and advancement through the ranks to Eagle Scout in a boy led program.  We provide the environment for our sons to mature into responsible young men.

Meetings and Uniform

          We meet every Monday from 7:00 to 8:30 PM at the Kemblesville United Methodist Church.  In the summer we have a reduced schedule.  We wear the full Boy Scout uniform at all our meetings and activities.  We are chartered by the Kemblesville United Methodist Church.


          Every month we go camping or have a similar Scouting activity.  In past years our Scouts planned and carried out the following activities: winter cabin camping, downhill skiing, pioneering campout, rock climbing, snow camping at Antietam Battlefield, backpacking on the Appalachian Trail, camping at Gettysburg and Valley Forge, Camporee, orienteering, and more.  Tents, cooking gear, and other group equipment are provided by the troop.  The Troop also attends summer camp each year.

Summer Camp

           We expect all members of Troop 62 to attend summer camp each year.  Summer Camp is an essential part of our Scouting program - it is especially important for our new Scouts.  We attend summer camp at Camp Horseshoe June 24 - July 1, 2018.  Please mark these dates on your calendar.  The cost at Camp Horseshoe is approximately $405. If paid after May 15th, the fee is $465.

Cost and Fund Raising

           Our $70 annual dues are used to cover registration fees, camping equipment and other troop expenses.  Patrols plan menus and purchase the food for each campout. Campouts cost $25 per Scout for food, patches, camping fees and other costs.
          To raise funds we participate in the Council Trails End Popcorn sale, conduct a supermarket coupon program, and other events.  Some of these funds go into the troop treasury and some go into individual Scout accounts to be used for paying Scouting costs, like summer camp.

Your Responsibilities

          Your active support and encouragement is essential for your son to gain all the values of Scouting.  Make sure your son attends all the meetings and activities.  And finally, offer to help drive on campouts and volunteer to help on the Troop Committee.


          If you have any questions about Troop 62 please contact any of the leaders listed below.  We will be glad to help.

Scoutmaster: Tom Sharp (610-869-7400)

Committee Chair: Clay Greer (610-255-0673)

Assistant Scoutmasters:  Bill Baker, Jed Phillips, Scott Nichol, Neil Gerwig, Bill Hanrahan, Dale Lowe, Stephen Shuster, and George Stephens.


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