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Updated: Monday, November 16, 2009

Chesapeake Bay Base 2003

Photo Gallery

(Click on a picture to get a larger view - captions by Adam)

Backpacking the Bay

Even the influence of Gary followed us out on the Chesapeake. It was quite sad that we only did one brief hike, and got lost on the stern... showing back at base camp right as we pulled into Baltimore.

Crew enjoying the Wie River

The crew had attempted to catch crabs in a prime crabbing spot...but we had no luck, so we posed on the boat in hopes that would draw the crabs out of the water.

Crew shot after returning

As we stepped on the Skedaddle, our 36' boat, we realized we were now at the mercy of George...

Crew enjoying an afternoon in the sun

Approaching Thomas Point Light House

Pulling out of Solomon Islands (I think that's where that was) a few of the crew members stood on the bow for a shot. Left to right - Mr. N, Mr. S, Mitch, Brian, Matt, and Ethan.

Docked in Annapolis Town Dock

Here is the crew in their white bay base shirts, at St.. Michaels (...I think?) The place was very nice, and lots of fun. We were soon known as the white-shirt gang by the locals.

Cruinsing up to Herring Bay

Here you see Chris, the mighty Skipper, his son, Matt, and Greg pulling out from Solomon Islands. A bright day, as you can see on Greg's face.

Cruinsing up to Herring Bay

Family bonds never really leave home. Here are the 3 fathers, and 3 sons that went on the trip. From left to Right - Mr. N and Alan, Mr. C and Chris, and Mr. S and Adam.

Bay Base Crew before taking off


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Crew of the Skedaddle

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